A Learning Province: Public Engagement on Education Assessment in Ontario

On September 6, 2017, the Premier and Minister of Education announced an independent review of Ontario’s assessment and reporting practices to make sure they are culturally relevant, measure a wider range of learning and better reflect student well-being and equity.

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A Learning Province
Public engagement on education assessment in Ontario

Carol Campbell

Carol: Welcome. My name is Carol Campbell and I am an education advisor to the Premier and to the Minister of Education with five other education advisors, and we are leading a review of student assessment and reporting across Ontario.

The Premier and the Minister of Education have requested an independent review of student assessment and reporting. So we’re going to be looking at assessment policies and practices to support student learning. And we’re going to be seeing what works, and perhaps what can be improved. This isn’t something the government can decide on their own. It’s something where we need to value all voices, and bring a whole range of experiences. But then we will have to form some judgements and make some decisions based on what we believe to be the best for the students of Ontario.

Provincial assessments by EQAO began 20 years ago. We want to look forward another 20 years and say: how do we best equip and support our students’ learning to thrive in a global world? To be caring citizens for Ontario. To be part of a highly skilled workforce for the future. So it’s time now to look at how assessments in classrooms, provincially and on a large scale can support each and all of our students to learn. And we need to think about students who are new immigrants, students who are are language learners, are Francophone students, students who have special educational needs, how we honour and value Indigenous knowledge, and how we integrate technology and new knowledge and skills as we move forward.

We need everyone in Ontario to be part of this conversation. We need students to be part of the conversation. We need educators who have great depth of knowledge about assessment. We need people who know little about assessment, but are concerned to support our children and young people. We need to hear from employers and what they’re looking for from our future students and citizens.

We invite and welcome as many people as possible to bring forward your ideas, experiences and advice. We welcome people to engage in person at our public engagement sessions, engage online, and also engage through producing written submissions to our email address. Thank you.

The scope of this review includes:

classroom assessments;

large-scale provincial assessments including Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessments; and

Ontario’s participation in pan-Canadian and international assessment programs.

All Ontarians are invited to participate in this vital province-wide conversation about current approaches to student assessment and reporting in Ontario.

You can contribute:

in-person at any one of the public engagement meetings;

online via our survey, Twitter using #OntEdAssessment or by attending a webcast; or

by submitting a written response.

We welcome all views, experiences, opinions and suggestions related to assessment and reporting.

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